ministry teams

New Member Candidate Visitation Team
leader: Jim Sabey

email:   phone: (469) 993-4959

Team Description:  This team is responsible for contacting and conducting new church member visits.  Many of our new members have been visiting for months and are already plugged into a Sunday School class & other activities.  We are now back to 2 Deacon's assigned per week and in-home visits are encouraged, but not mandatory if the new member candidate is not comfortable with meeting in-person.  The assigned weekly Deacons should follow the procedures in the Deacon Handbook for talking/visiting with the new member candidate (remind them of the next new member class, etc.).


Time Commitment:  Team members should expect about 1 hour per assignment.

Team Size: All deacons are encouraged to join this team and visit new members per the established schedule (click Schedule button above to see the schedule).

deacon-led Prayer Team
leader: Bruce Robidou

email:   phone: (682) 360-8133

Team Description:  This team is responsible for coordinating the deacons who will be delivering the Deacon-led prayer in each of the Sunday services (8:30 and 11:00).  The team leader will coordinate with the Associate Pastor of Worship to ensure that deacons are available for each service offertory prayer.

Team Size:  All deacons are encouraged join this team. Click the Schedule button above to see Offertory Prayer schedule.

Hospital Visitation Team
leader: Guy Simpson

email:  phone: (817) 480-9779

Team Description:  This team is responsible for visiting church members that are in area NE Tarrant County hospitals and/or Rehab facilities.  Whether day surgery or long-term hospital care is required, the deacons serving on this team will be involved in stopping by NE Tarrant County area hospitals and/or Rehab facilities as led by the Holy Spirit in order to pray with both those in the hospital as well as other family members and friends.  In addition, the team will make known to the staff any medical updates uncovered as a result of these visits.  Finally, this team may find out about opportunities for assisting the family during the recovery process, and will pass along that information to individuals (such as the Physical Services team) that can be scheduled to help.

Time Commitment:  Hospital Visitation times vary greatly per month due to the number of people hospitalized.  Historical averages from known hospitalizations are 3-5 per week for our church members and their immediate families.  Depending on the duration of those stays, the commuting distance, and the coordination with the involvement of the staff (who are also very active in visitation at hospitals), the time per month varies between 5-15 hours.

Team Size:  4 to 6 members would ensure good coverage and minimize time to complete tasks on a monthly basis.

widows team
Leader: Don Johnston

email:  phone: (817) 602-7965

Team Description:  This team is responsible for assisting with the needs of the widows.  This includes assignment of new widows to a deacon, planning the Widows Banquet that takes place in December, and informing the Deacon Body during monthly meetings about Widows’ needs.  In addition, this role notifies the Physical Services team of areas of assistance uncovered where a widow has a need.

Time Commitment: Expected time to complete these activities is usually about 1-2 hours per week, but can vary depending on the needs of the widows.

Team Size: All Deacons

Physical Services Team
Leader: David McReynolds

email:  phone: (817) 296-5214

Team Description: This team is responsible for assisting both the widows and church body members requiring assistance with physical repairs/maintenance on their homes and vehicles.  Typical duties include basic home maintenance/repairs (such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting, lawn mowing/trimming).  Additionally, the team may assist with minor vehicle repairs and maintenance (such as replacing wiper blades or checking fluids). 

At a minimum, team members will assess the need and provide advice/guidance if the repair requires a professional.  Team members do not need to be experienced repairmen, just need to have an interest in home maintenance & repairs and a willing attitude to assist.

Time Commitment: Members should expect about 3 to 6 hours per quarter.  Occasionally, a larger project, requiring several days to complete is planned.

Team Size: 8 to 12 members would provide good coverage and a variety of skills and experience necessary to complete tasks as they arise.

Lord’s Supper Ordinance Team
Leader: Dennis Lang

email:  phone: 817-602-9409

Team Description: This team is responsible for planning, set-up and oversight of the Lord’s Supper services.  Activities include soliciting deacons to be servers, assigning deacons to server positions, building server maps and communicating plans to the deacon body.  Additionally, the team sets up the elements prior to the services, cleans/stores utensils following the services and provides oversight to ensure everything is carried out and the congregation is served in a reverent and orderly manner.

Time Commitment: We celebrate the Lord’s Supper Ordinance quarterly in all three Sunday morning worship services and also serve in special services like Good Friday and Christmas.   (Typically, 6 services per year.)  Set up usually occurs on the Saturday afternoon prior the service and generally take 1 to 2 hours depending on how many team members can assist.  Clean-up typically takes about an hour following the final morning worship service.

Setup Team Size: 8 to 10 members would ensure good coverage and minimize time to complete tasks.

Serving the Lord's Supper: All Deacons

Baptism Ordinance Team
Leader: Kreg Bryant

email:  phone: (214) 354-8092

Team Description: This team is responsible for assistance with the Baptism ordinance.  Activities include meeting the candidates and their families approximately 20 minutes prior to the service where they will be baptized, assisting the candidates in finding the right size of robe, helping the minister and families by providing towels after the ordinance, and cleaning the wet floor after all parties depart the baptistry area.

Time Commitment: We celebrate the Ordinance of Baptism about 75% of all Sunday mornings, usually during either the 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. service (sometimes both).  The commitment is usually one Sunday morning per month, lasting about 25 minutes in total.

Team Size: 5 to 7 members would ensure good coverage and minimize time to complete tasks on a monthly basis.  Note that sometimes a Deacon’s wife is sometimes called upon to assist when there are female baptismal candidates.

Information Technology
Leader: Matt Porter

email:  phone: (817) 296-7398

Team Description: This team is responsible for information sharing with the deacon body via the Deacons and church websites.  Activities include educating deacons about the information and functionality of the Deacons website, updating and maintaining the Deacons website, and working with FBC Keller IT staff to establish the Deacon presence on the church website.  Team members should also spend time together in thinking of ways to enhance both the content and the usage of the websites.

Time Commitment: It will vary, but the expectation is 1-2 hours per month in both brainstorming and publication of materials.

Team Size: 2 to 4 members would ensure good coverage and minimize time to complete tasks on a monthly basis.

Sunday Prayer Team
Leader: Perry Leonard

email:  phone: (817) 454-4183

Team Description: This team is responsible for praying with our pastor approximately 10 minutes prior to each of our morning services.  This takes place in Room 137 and is a special “quiet time” to pray for both Keith and the upcoming services.

Time Commitment: Team members should expect about 1 hour per month.

Team Size: 10 to 15 members would ensure good coverage on a monthly basis.