2021 Widows Banquet

When: Saturday December 11th at 11:30am

Where: FBC Keller Family Life Center

Cost: $25.00

What do I need to do?

​In November:

  • Invite your assigned widow(s), either in person or by phone

  • Assuming your widow(s) can attend, decide on how she will be transported (you picking her up or does she drive herself)

  • If you cannot attend the banquet you still need to invite your widow(s) and, assuming that she wants to attend, arrange for her to be hosted by another deacon

  • Respond to the RSVP email with the number of people in your group that will be attending the banquet

On December 11th:

  • You and your wife will host your widow(s) during the banquet and enjoy the fellowship together

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to check in, get your name tags, and find a table

  • Sit back and enjoy the afternoon